Flamonitec – BFI Automation Fibre Optic Technology

Fibre optic lances come prevent the installation of the scanner on the burner plate mainly to power plant burners used where burner internals, very long torch designs or swiveling burner. To monitor the operation of the burner with high availability in accordance with the safety regulations, it is advantageous to detect the flame radiation of the primary combustion zone. Due to the high temperature resistance and the small rugged design, the lance can be brought inside the burner very close to the combustion process.

BFI Automation Fibre Optic Technology

BFI Automation Fibre Optic LancesFibre Optic Lances

  • High temperature resistance
  • Installation inside the combustion chamber
  • Project-related constructions possible
  • Custom lengths
  • Air-cooled design possible
  • Combination of rigid and flexi sections

Fibre Optic Cable BFI AutomationFibre Optic Cable

UV, X-IR, UV High Temp, X-IR High Temp

  • High-quality glass fiber bundles
  • Transmission range 200 nm to 2400 nm
  • Wide temperature range (-60 ° C to + 300 ° C (350 °C before SKL))
  • IP68
  • Special versions for Ex applications

BFI Automation Fibre Optic CableY-Fibre Optic Cable

  • High-quality glass fibre bundles
  • Transmission range 400 nm to 2400 nm or 200 nm to 2400 nm
  • Protected by Agraff Steel Tube
  • Wide temperature range (-60 ° C to + 200 ° C), -60 °C to +300 °C for HT-variants
  • IP68
  • Special versions for Ex applications

Scanner Head


  • Robust
  • For the VIS / IR range or the UV range
  • Heat resistant up to 400 ° C



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