Firefly Detectors

Various alarm systems can detect fire or smoke in dry substances. Firefly takes it one very important step further and detects fires in its earliest stage: the presence of sparks, hot particles, heating and/or smouldering. With Firefly spark detection, processes and process installations can therefore – within the existing risk management – even be better protected against fire. Anaparts is Firefly’s contact in the Netherlands.

Firefly Detectors

Firefly Hot Body Detector

Hot Body Detectors

GD 400, TD 250 & LD 130 detectors

  • Infrared-sensitive
  • Measuring radiated energy
  • Multi-zone detection with high degree of reliability
  • Equipped with then Firefly self diagnostic function

Spec sheet:

Firefly Flame Detector

Flame Detectors

UV/IR detector

  • Fire Event Analysis (FEA) discrimination technology
  • Used for monitoring open areas adjacent to production machines
  • Registers the ultraviolet and infrared light emitted from the flames that arise when organic material burns

IR detector

  • Designed for flame detection in small and medium sized volumes
  • Infrared sensitive with an extremely fast response time
  • Used to monitor enclosed volumes where fast response time is critical

Spec sheet:

Firefly Temperature Gradient Detector

Temperature Gradient Detector

TG detector

  • Reacts to unplanned temperature changes in a production process
  • Can be preset at a number of alarm levels for different temperatures and transients
  • Used to monitor rapid temperature changes

Spec sheet:

Firefly Electronic Nose Detector

Electronic Nose Detector

MGD detector

  • Reponds to changes in the chemical composition of indoor air at an early stage
  • Specifically for installation into industrial plants, storage facilities, ships and public areas
  • Used to indicate fire and emissions from hazardous substances

Spec sheet:

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