Firefly Extinguishing & Isolation

Extinguishing is as important as detection. Water mist as fire extinguishing medium is gaining ground and has proven to be very effective in fighting and controlling fires.

Facts about water mist

  • Cools the fire area and blocking the heat radiation
  • Displacing the oxygen
Firefly Extinguishing & Isolation

Full Cone Spray

  • Designed for power- ful extinguishing of ignition sources
  • Minimizes damage to filter media and reduces any clean-up operation
  • Determined individually for each application

Spec sheet:

Water MistFirefly Water Mist

  • Specially developed for extinguishing flames
  • Reduces the risk of personal injury and material damage
  • The amount of extinguishing agent can be minimized

Spec sheet:

Firefly Isolation and IntertionIsolation & Inerting

FIV/PS-G isolation valve

  • Intended for installation on pneumatic transport systems
  • Available in dimensions up to Ø300 mm

GIV isolation valve

  • Intended for installation on pneumatic transport systems
  • Available in different dimensions up to Ø600 mm

BIV/PS isolation valve

  • Ideal for installation in piping transporting finely distributed materials
  • Available in different dimensions up to Ø600 mm

JIV is isolation valve

  • Typically installed in large ducts or in systems where finely distributed material is transported
  • Available in sizes up to 2000×2000 mm

Spec sheet:

Firefly Diverting Div Valve


DIV valve

  • Intended for applications where extinguishing are unsuitiable due to the process
  • Re-routes the process flow to a collection point outside of the process where the extinguishing takes place
  • Available in dimensions up to 500×500 mm

Spec sheet:

Firefly Steam Extinguishing SV/PS Valve

Steam Extinguishing

SV/PS valve

  • Suitable for steam pressures from 10 to 69 bar
  • Available in DN15-DN80
  • Deigned for welding or flange mounting direct into the steam line

Spec sheet:

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