GTE / Adicos Fire & Gas Detectors

GSME fire & gas detectors are the spearhead of the Advanced Discovery System. They can detect open and hidden smoldering fires within their initial phase. The new generation of the GSME-M4 comprises four parameterisable semiconductor gas sensors that are used for monitoring and evaluating the concentration and behaviour of fire-indicating gases by applying the multi-criteria method. Their robust design protects them against damage due to moisture, dirt and dust.

GTE Adicos Fire & Gas Detectors


  • Adjustable sensitivity for each gas-sensor avoids false alarms
  • Multi-criteria signal evaluation detects smoldering fires long before ignition
  • Multiple sensor settings for optimized adaption to operation environment
  • Fast and easy installation due to plug-and-play cable for power-supply and data-signals
  • Central data archiving and visualization with service PC
  • Interface-modules for common fire alarm systems

Spec sheet:

Adicos GSME X20GSME-X20

  • Extensive tolerance towards humidity and dust
  • Detection of smoldering nests
  • Detection not effected by airflow
  • Fast and easy installation due to pre-wired cable for power-supply and data-signals
  • Suitable for process monitoring
  • Type tested and certified for use in explosive atmospheres according to ATEX and IECEx

Spec sheet:

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